1. January 25, 2019

    Facebook to Merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger Apps

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  2. June 27, 2018

    You can now use Alexa voice control directly on your iOS device

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  3. June 27, 2018

    Roundup: Everything we know so far about the iPhone X Plus

    Apple is widely expected to release three new iPhone models this year, including a…
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  4. April 23, 2018

    WhatsApp has FINALLY updated your phone with this long-awaited feature

    WHATSAPP has just pushed out an update that brings a long-awaited feature to the successful chat app. Here’s how…
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  5. April 09, 2018

    Apple launches new red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

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  6. April 04, 2018

    How to turn off app notification badges on iPhone

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